Craterlet is a capture application for the Orion StarShoot Solar System imager and for other cameras compatible with DirectX (DirectShow) and WDM (e.g., the ToUcam, Vesta, etc).  It provides streaming to AVI and still capture.

Key Benefits

• Simple, clean interface.
• Streams to AVI format at ~30 FPS, ready for processing in Registax.
• Allows you to quickly cycle among your camera's modes
• Allows you to specify frame rate and capture duration
• Works with any camera having DirectX WDM drivers.
• Able to capture individual still frames in BMP format.

Looking for Craterlet OS X?

Craterlet is distributed here as freeware (and will stay as such). If you use Craterlet, enjoy it, and wish to make a donation to help support it, its development, and the development of similar products, you can use the button below. All donations are greatly appreciated.