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Downloads of Older Software
Old releases of PHD and Nebulosity
Shoe String Focus 1.2 (Universal 10.4-10.7)
MicroTouch Focus 1.0 (Universal 10.4-10.7)
Rigel Focus 1.0 (Universal 10.4-10.7)
Nebulosity v1.8.0 for Windows (Win2k/XP / Vista)
Nebulosity v1.8.0 for OS X 10.4+ (Universal Binary)
Catch-42 v1.0 (Windows)
Original DLL for QHY5 / QGuider and older drivers
For OLD ASCOM 4.1 users only (who have not upgraded to v5): Driver for Meade LXDx5 mounts that forces PulseGuide mode