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Will DSLR Shutter work with my camera?

Q: I have a WhizBang Foo-Matic Model XP-Ultra-Mega camera. Will it work with DSLR Shutter?

In general, if your camera has a “bulb” port that allows it to be triggered by a simple external device, it should work just fine. DSLR Shutter is really moronically simple. It sends "go" and "don't go" signals to simple parallel port data lines, the RTS/DTR lines of a serial port, or to the ShoeString DSUSB. The former two are very simple, binary signals. The ShoeString is “semi-intelligent" in that I need a software library from Shoestring and need to code up support for it. Doug's libraries are trivial to use and it's still sending very simple commands. It is still just sending "go" and "don't go" signals to this bulb port on the camera.

There is another type of command that can be sent to a camera directly over it's USB port. These "intelligent" commands differ from camera maker to camera maker and within camera makers can differ across models. To send these commands, one needs:

1) SDK (software development kit) from the manufacturer
2) A camera to work on for development
3) A lot more code

The "bulb" port is generic. Heck, you could use DSLR Shutter to turn the lights on and off in your house with a touch of hardware. The simplicity here comes from using this generic style of interface. Were it to bypass this interface and use the USB link to the camera, DSLR Shutter would grow to several times its size just to support the Canon DIGIC II / III cameras (that use the same SDK). So, if you can use this basic kind of trigger signal (i.e., if you have a "bulb" trigger on your camera), you're in luck. If not, you're not in luck and won't be as I have no intention of expanding this right now.