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Hotech T-Adapters

Every so often, you come across a product that fills a need wonderfully and that is just plain well thought-out. About a month ago, I was at Nightfall 2008 and I met David Ho of Hotech. He was there doing demos of his self-centering laser collimators. The trick to these devices is that they have a set of rubber O-rings along the barrel that can be compressed by twisting a knob. This compression makes them expand which is how they self-center and lock solidly to your focuser’s drawtube.

“Neat idea!”, said I, and continued, “but you know you really should make a version of this that goes from
your 2” expanding nosepiece here to T-threads. This has always been a real problem as it’s tough to get your camera to stay locked in place in the focuser drawtube.” He let me go on for a good minute or so about my travails before reaching under the table and bringing forth the exact thing I was describing. It was the prototype and he was planning on releasing it soon (along with a 1.25” variety).

I’ve now had a chance to have a better look at it and I must say, I’m taken with it. The thing just works. No matter what kind of attachment system your focuser drawtube has (single set-screw, compression ring, etc.), the device works the same. Screw your camera onto its T-threads and slide it into your drawtube. Then twist the big, black, knurled knob to compress the O-rings. Give it a few good twists and what once might have been a jiggly connection becomes rock solid. I might as well have epoxied the camera onto the focuser drawtube. Well, had I, I’d never get the camera off, but here all you do is untwist that knurled ring and then slide the camera out.

Great idea and great solution to a vexing problem. Well done Hotech!

Now, for my next request... can I get this style of nosepiece onto my focal reducers / correctors? (Well, ones other than the 2” or 1.25” filter-size ones that will screw right into the bottom of the adapter already.) Really, if we must use tube-style fittings and not threaded ones, this kind of nosepiece should be on every device that needs to be held solidly and squarely in place.