Video Demonstration of PHD and Nebulosity: Basic Connection and Focus

In this brief video, I will walk you through the start of a typical session using PHD Guiding and Nebulosity. In this segment, we cover:

Calibration in PHD Guiding and capturing a series of images in Nebulosity is covered in the next segment. Please note when connecting to the mount in the video, the "On camera" selection is made in the Mount menu. You need only do this the first time you ever connect to your mount or if you change the method of communicating to the mount (e.g., shifting from ASCOM to a GPUSB).

To view this and other video tutorials here, you will need to have QuickTime installed. The video should select a lower-quality version if you are not on broadband automatically. To select a version directly, you can choose the higher quality or the lower quality version.