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DSLR Shutter

DSLR Shutter is designed to be a simple tool to capture long-exposure images from digital SLR cameras using their "bulb" setting. It allows you to specify the number of frames, their duration, and various delays to act as a software interval timer for your camera. It is a cross-platform application with both Windows and OS X versions (Universal Binary for 10.4 and 10.5 - may work in 10.3.9), supporting both the ShoeString Astronomy DSUSB adapter, serial port, and parallel port triggering (parallel port on Windows only).

Best of all, DSLR Shutter is distributed here as freeware (and will stay as such). If you use DSLR Shutter, enjoy it, and wish to make a donation to help support it, its development, and the development of similar products, you can use the button below. All donations are greatly appreciated.


  • Simple, clean interface
  • Any number of exposures or exposure duration
  • Initial delay prior to sequence start
  • Delay prior to each image (e.g., mirror lockup stabilization)
  • Delay after each image (e.g. for writing image data)
  • Optional Mirror-lock signal
  • Continual status showing what step is being done and how many exposures have been collected
  • Countdown timer showing total time remaining
  • Support for ShoeString Astronomy's DSUSB/DSUSB2 adapter (Windows and OS X)
  • Support for serial port triggers via the RTS data line (Window and OS X)
  • Support for parallel port triggers via the D0 or D1 (pin 2 or pin 3) lines (Windows)
  • Support for Hap Griffin's IR-based Nikon serial port adapters (Windows)
  • Support for Pierro-Astro's EOS long-exposure adapter
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Recent Updates

  • Updated DSUSB DLL and support for DSUSB2
  • Connect dialog lists last-used adapter
1.9 (4/1/08)
  • Abort button bug fix

1.8 (2/22/08)
  • Fixes to AF mode to work with mirror-lockup
  • Fixes on Macs for newer DSUSB adapters
  • Saves AF mode across sessions
  • Pressing Start during a capture no longer causes problems

v1.7 (2/1/08)
  • Control over auto-focus (AF) pin added with settings for None, only at the start, and held open during the whole exposure. This last mode is required for newer Nikon cameras.
  • Bug fixed for using Pin 3 on parallel ports

1.6 (11/9/07)
  • Mirror lockup pulse lengthened
  • Text entry fields widened
  • Leopard support.

  • Maximum values for each field increased to 9999 to allow for longer exposures, greater # of images, etc.

  • (1.4a) Fixed bug in parallel port pin 2 use
  • Fixed display in Windows for users with screens set to higher DPIs
  • Fixed timing drift that would slightly lengthen exposures

  • Serial port triggers added to Mac OS X version. Common (and inexpensive) Prolific USB->Serial adapters verified along with Keyspan adapter
  • COM 5-8 added as choices on PCs
  • Pin 3 (aka D1) option added for parallel ports
  • Final fix of signal logic for Hap Griffin's IR-based adapters

  • Adjustment of timing for IR-based adapters
  • Dialog at startup indicates that the default is to connect to a DSUSB and, when not present, to prompt the user for a parallel / serial port

  • Scripting of captures added
  • Logo now red during sequence capture

  • Mirror-lockup control added (signal sent at start of "Before Frame" delay)
  • Mouse-over tooltips added
  • Parallel port support added (Windows)
  • Support for Hap Griffin's IR-based Nikon serial port adapters (Windows only)