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Nebulosity 4.4.0 in main release

No pre-releases available as 4.4 has recently been released as a full release.

Nebulosity 3.3.3

Download OS X or Download Windows
- (3.3.3) Bundle libguide40.dll for QHY cams on Windows
- (3.3.3) Fixed Mac / SX filter wheel connection issue
- (3.3.3) Fix for language / translation items missing
- (3.3.3) Added ability to deal with non-Bayer (non 2x2 or 2x4) DSLR RAW files (e.g., Fuji X-E1)
- (3.3.3) Fix on Mac for Preference showing up behind main window
- (3.3.3) Shifted Ui polling freq during image manipulation
- 2/12/15 - 3.3.2
- (3.3.2) Fixed bug preventing SD combines from working properly
- (3.3.2) Experimental "comet" combine mode (<20th %-tile) added
- (3.3.2) Spanish translation (Thanks Ramon Barber!)
- (3.3.2) Initial use of Grand Central Dispatch on Mac and Windows
- (3.3.1) NEW: New percentile-based stacking (median through 10-90th) for nice outlier rejection (hot pixels, comet alignment, etc.) (video demo)
- (3.3.1) NEW: New synthetic flat / background gradient tool that fits a 2D Bezier to the background and removes it. Thanks to E. Laface for help in this! (video demo)
- (3.3.1) Canon 70D Frame/Focus and ISO fixes
- (3.3.1) Update to Canon EDSDK 2.15
- (3.3.1) Fixes for Canon 7D Mk II
- (3.3.1) Canon DSLRs now just called "Canon DSLR" in camera-connect pulldown
- (3.3.1) Fix for Mac bug in closing Preview and DSS tool windows
- (3.3.1) Update to wxWidgets SVN
- (3.3.1) Fixed bug in PNM/PGM naming on Macs
- (3.3.1) Fixed bug in Batch, Convert Color to Mono that kept it from running
- (3.3.1) Mac build back on 10.7 development machine for 10.7/6 compatibility and for OpenMP support (clang still doesn't have it)

Starizona Microtouch Mac users - Update the SiLabs USB driver to get things going in 10.10

Craterlet OS X (0.3)

Download 0.3 or Download 0.2
Craterlet for OS X is designed to give Mac users simple capture application for DCAM-compliant firewire cameras such as those from The Imaging Source (sorry, the iSight is not DCAM-compliant). It's main application here will be to let you stream planetary or lunar images to disk. However, given the long-exposure options present in these cameras, other applications (e.g. DSO work) will certainly exist.

Currently, this is an early release. Heck, it may stay an “early release” forever. I have tested it with a monochrome camera (DMK 31AF03.AS) and with monochrome and color Unibrain Fire-i cameras. Images can be streamed to disk in BMP, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats (and SER in v0.3). On color cameras, it will stream color images, currently using the camera's onboard debayers even if pure RAW modes exist. I welcome bug reports and any other assistance users can provide in testing. Let me know what camera you are using, what modes show up (note, you can only selet a mode while Preview is not active), and how it behaves.

Version 0.3
- Added support for SER format. This is a RAW format that can be read by Registax. What’s great is that you can now stream a file rapidly here on the Mac and process the data in Registax. It’s possible this has broken support for a number of cameras, so I’ve left 0.2 up as well. (Remember, this program is far from prime-time).

- Note: If using a color-bayer DMK camera, make sure to select the “RAW” mode from the Mode pull-down. It may show up as “Y800”, “RAW RGB” or “Mono-8”. It won’t be called “Color”. Also, odds are the correct selection when asked what the sensor format is “GBRG”

Version 0.2
- Initial pre-release

Craterlet OS X is freeware. OS X 10.4 is required (some chance it will work with 10.3.9).


Code here is addresses bugs in full-release versions and also is where new features will first appear. In general, the code should be stable, but one purpose of the pre-release page is to give users a chance to shake out any bugs in new features before they get into a “full release”. So, if you’re packing up and headed to a dark site and the software is currently working for you, don’t grab these versions here without at least having a backup copy of something you know works for you.